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Entry #3

I See Sharply?

2012-07-08 04:10:20 by GasparXR

I See Sharply will be finished writing soon, but only as a framework -- I will not be recording it. Instead, I have bigger, more stellar plans in store for my solo project. I will be writing music that have the intention of being released as a concept album, but only the instrumental elements will have relation between songs. Any lyrics that are devised for the songs will be written in a more song-oriented format -- The subject matter will be based on the feels of the individual song, rather than some over-arching theme that engulfs the entire album.

I See Sharply will eventually be re-organized, with some parts taken out, altered, and replaced with new ones. My reasoning is that it suffers from prog-itis. This term means that the song is a train of musical ideas, that don't really make the piece cohesive. I want the song to feel like a song that is greater than the sum of its parts, rather than simply being, the sum of its parts.

I am beginning the write another piece which will definitely have vocals, and I will record it, but I will need to recruit a vocalist for the job. All I will reveal about it is that it will likely be a longer piece, upwards of 10 minutes (not for sure though) and is based off of a classic short story by Edgar Allan Poe.


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